About Knotz

Knotz is a virtual wedding planner that helps you save time and money with guidance, deals, and personalised recommendations.

Our platform provides:

  1. virtual tools to help with your wedding planning
  2. exclusive discounts/perks on services from our partners
  3. blog articles that give you real, unbiased info on wedding matters


What makes Knotz different from other wedding platforms?

You can come to us for advice on ANYTHING wedding-related - totally free of charge! Our team has helped many couples with their actual day itinerary, finding the right bridal studio/photographer, guidance on budgeting... the list goes on.

And since we’re always talking to couples about their wedding planning, we’re constantly getting new ideas to help with your wedding needs. For example:

Our super popular 10/10 solemnisation venue - for those who want an intimate wedding on this special date, without compromising on the celebrations.

Knotz Bundles - all the cost savings of a package deal, with the flexibility of picking vendors a la carte. And the best part - we protect your deposit in case the vendor goes out of business.

Come talk to us! We’re always just an email or DM away.

The Knotz team