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Everything you need to know about Hair and Makeup

Understand their style

Although 99% of make up artists for weddings (in Singapore) specialise in natural style makeup, there are also a small handful that specialise in Korean, Japanese, Thai etc style of make up. If you happen to love those styles then make sure you look for those MUAs. Most times they would indicate it on their IG page or website. Increasingly, many MUSa are also starting to explore and venture into other styles of makeup by going for workshops both locally and internationally.

Understand your skin type

Is your skin dry, oily, combination, or sensitive? It’s important to let your MUA know these in advance so that they will use the suitable products on your skin for the makeup to last much longer. Telling them in advance will also help them to know how they should prep your skin before applying the makeup.

Take a makeup-less selfie

If you booked your MUA without a trial, they would usually request for you to take a picture of yourself with no filter, no edits and completely bare of make up. This is to access your skin condition and see if there's a need to correct anything on the day itself (for example, eyelid correction, covering up of acne and blemishes etc).

Don't cheat hor!

Show them your gown and Let them know if you are wearing any accessories

For example hairbands, veils, tiaras etc. This will give them a better idea on how they will be able to style your hair and time to prepare the right tools to secure the accessory.

It'll also be a good chance for them to give you advice on what kind of look you should go for based on your gown style and accessory. For example, if you have a low back gown, then you should have an up-do, or if you have a bohemian gown, then you should have your hair down.

Ask to do a trial (don’t be stingy)

Doing a trial is so important because it’s that one opportunity for you to:

  • Have a chat with the MUA and get to know each other better

  • See if the products gel well with your skin (any irritations)

  • See how long the makeup and hair can last throughout the day (and decide if you need to refresh the look)

  • See if you like the style

If there is anything you don’t like during the trial, it is a good time to point it out so that the same thing will not be reflected on the actual day.

Do note however, that trials are not meant to be for your photoshoot or for a function afterwards. Many MUAs do request for an additional fee if you have plans to use the make up for other purposes. Either that or they will just remove the entire makeup after the trial is over. Sounds pretty brutal we know but they only do that because they have been burnt before by other people who used the trial makeup for their ROM or pre-wedding photoshoot.

Check reviews (especially ones about punctuality)

Reviews are important and all but do you know what you really need to look out for? It’s punctuality. Imagine not being able to start your wedding on time because the MUA was late, or slept in by accident. Weddings are an early morning affair that can start as early as 2am so it’s important to find one that has a good track record of being able to wake up early. Another thing to note is their ability to respond promptly. Ghosting is going to be a huge nightmare for you, but please also la, tolong, don’t be too difficult on them also and go all crazy karen for not responding in time. Many of them could take up to 48 hours to reply and that’s normal. If it’s like 3-4 days then just send a polite follow up message. Many MUAs are solo artists and can be quite overwhelmed by the amount of messages they get.

Don’t try and cheat them

Just like inflation, we know MUAs are getting more and more expensive by the year. We felt it too. But that said, please don’t con them. If you’re doing an AD wedding, don’t tell them it’s for ROM. And if you’re the bride, don’t say it’s a bridesmaid makeup or make your booking under private event makeup. It’s disingenuous and the MUA has the right to refuse service or ask for top up on the spot. It’s just going to make the whole situation very uncomfortable.

Start your facial 6 mths before the wedding

Facials are a long term commitment, and you need to be consistent for the best results. plan your facials 6 months before the wedding on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and maintain a good skincare regime up until the wedding day!

Please note that you SHOULD NOT do your facial (especially those with painful extractions) 1 day before the wedding. You will need at least 1 week for the healing process and best results.

Should you get your lash extensions done?

This is a very good question - Yes and no. Yes, if you have a look that you always go for and is natural. No, if you are not used to doing lash extensions and you accidentally get massive russian lashes that look like it can make a person fly with a blink of an eye. If you’re going for a natural makeup look, your MUA would have usually already prepared a set of lashes for you that works for you. Really good MUAs would sometimes customise the lashes but cutting it to the size, length and density to make sure it looks as natural as possible.

Get your hair cut and coloured about 5-7 days before the wedding

And don’t do something you’ve never done before. So if you’ve been dying your hair brown all this time, please for the love of god, don’t bleach or do a little mermaid for your wedding. Your wedding is supposed to be all about the real you and something that you can look back and smile….not cringe.

Understand your hair type

Do you have fine or thick hair, curly or straight, virgin or coloured/permed/straightened hair? By understanding your hair, you will know that there are some hairstyles that will completely not work for you. For example, if you have fine, straight, virgin hair, there is a 100% chance that your hair will flatten 10 min after curling and spraying. In this case, the MUA will advise you to do an updo or a braid instead that can hold the style for a longer period of time. Always listen to your MUA’s recommendations. Trust me, they want you to look good too - it’s also their reputation at stake too.


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