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Here’s our take on wedding fairs in Singapore

Hello everyone!

We just wrapped up a huge wedding fair at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel on 27-28 August 2022. With 37 participating vendors and over 240 couples showing up, this was probably the largest ever hotel wedding showcase to take place in Singapore. We were absolutely blown away by the response, and so grateful to each and every one of you who made this event a resounding success!

While the scale of this fair was a lot bigger than previous ones we’ve done, our approach and philosophy remains pretty much the same. Since day one, our mission at Knotz has been to help couples make better decisions, and to grow the wedding industry in a collaborative and constructive way. That’s why we do wedding fairs a little differently from the others. Our couples appreciate the fact that when they attend our fairs, they won’t be harassed by pushy vendors giving out flyers. And we’ve been so blessed to find a community of supportive vendors with similar values. In turn, we promote them with 100% confidence in their ability to deliver amazing products and services.

Read on if you’re keen to find out more about what makes us different!

#1 Fair pricing and service transparency (know what you’re paying for)

Price transparency has always been the basis of our business. Being of marriageable age ourselves, we know first-hand from our peers and our own experience that sometimes the wedding industry can be pretty sketchy with hidden costs and surcharges. Our goal with Knotz was to break down that wall and install a beautiful transparent window, so that you know exactly what you are paying for.

Many of the vendors that we work with are ones with clear cut prices and deliverables. We also take customer feedback very seriously. If we get feedback from a couple about a vendor that fell short of expectations or charged them unfairly, we will conduct an investigation and provide a solution for both parties. The vendor will also receive a warning on their complaint and if we receive multiple negative feedback, we will remove them from our vendor list permanently.

#2 Setting boundaries (leave me alone, I just want to browse!)

Unlike other wedding fairs, we actually do have some pretty strict house rules set for our vendors to create a better shopping experience.

Firstly, no touting. It sets the wrong atmosphere when a vendor is hijacking an unsuspecting couple with brochures and trying to drag them to their booth. This creates unhappiness and discomfort with the customer who is trying to mind their own business and just looking around to see what they like. Touting is also very unfair to the other vendors who are sitting at their booths waiting for couples to have a chat with them.

Secondly, no hard selling. This is something that we absolutely cannot accept and will communicate it to every vendor that we bring on board. Hard selling will only create more problems in the future, because the customer relationship is already off to a bad start with negative sentiments. We want vendors who understand that the couple’s happiness and comfort must be their number 1 priority. Sales will naturally come later when the couple feels ready to commit.

#3 Creating a beautiful and collaborative environment (good vibes lead to better results)

Gone are the days where the wedding industry is a dog-eat-dog world and everything is a competition. We are part of the new generation that loves to collaborate instead of putting others down. The vendors we have chosen are all amazing people who love collaboration. If you saw our Instagram stories of the wedding fair, you’d even see them cross-promoting each other and having special promos between booths!

There are soooo many reasons why collaborative services are better for you as a wedding couple:

  1. Communication – These vendors probably have worked together on many weddings and have each others’ contact number. Communication is so important if you want a smooth sailing wedding and this takes the headache out.

  2. Good vibes – It’s not just business, but when there is friendship, you can be sure to have good vibes all around. And it’s true when they say “good vibes attract good luck”.

  3. Great pricing – Heard of something called friendship price? Yeap, to these vendors, they would rather work with each other and create their best work at a very attractive price point than have to deal with other people they don’t know well and run the risk of not being able to provide their couples with the best end result.

#4 Giving our couples the best value (cheaper isn’t always better)

We want to maintain our standards by focusing on the quality of our vendors, and this sometimes means that they might not be conventionally “cheap”. Rather than dangle carrots like huge cashback lucky draws, we request our vendors to push out their own promotion that they feel is acceptable and that will not compromise on their service standards. This way, they will still feel motivated to give our couples the best service at a price that is acceptable for the couple as well! Put it this way – if you were offered a job at a much lower salary than what you expected, you probably wouldn’t put in your best efforts for the company!

Wedding vendors are people too. In fact, many of our vendors are small/solo operations or independent businesses that have their own unique specialisations in their art and services. These vendors take massive pride in their work, and are extremely motivated to maintain their standard and reputation in the industry. Our job is to make sure that neither they nor their clients feel shortchanged.

What’s next? We’ve been approached to do more wedding fairs, and we’re excited to work on more – as long as it’s in line with our approach and values. Follow us @knotzsg on Instagram to be the first to know about any upcoming events! If you want to find out more about our money-saving Knotz bundles, or have any wedding-related questions, just drop us a DM or email

Our team will be more than happy to help you in your wedding planning journey!

With love, The Knotz team

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