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The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Prewedding Shoot: Tips and Tricks for Capturing Beautiful Keepsakes

A prewedding shoot is not a must-have but if you’re planning on doing one, it’s a great chance for you to document your relationship in beautiful keepsakes. If you’re engaging the same photographer for your wedding day, it is also a wonderful opportunity to build rapport and get comfortable before your big day!

Coney Island Prewedding Bittersweet Photography

Keeping it comfortable in sunny and humid Singapore can be a challenge but here is our cheatsheet to making the best out of your prewedding shoot!

The month before

There’s a saying “no ugly people, only lazy ones”. While we can’t promise a 100% makeover ala 200pounds Beauty, we can always take care of ourselves to be our best selves before the photoshoot!

  1. Schedule any haircuts or colour session about 2 weeks before your shoot. This give time for the hairstyle to settle in nicely, and if you require any last minute touch-up, there’s some time to do so!

  2. Stick to what works for your skin! Do not use any new products or try out new facials 3 weeks before your session. This will help prevent any potential breakouts or redness.

  3. Take care of yourselves. This means plenty of good ol’ water for hydration, eat well - less salt to prevent bloating or water retention, quality sleep and exercise. Walking is a good and no-stress form of exercise to start!

  4. Stay away from the sun! Unsightly tan lines can be the hardest to edit - depending on where they are. Slap on that sunscreen - face and body please! - before heading outdoors if you need to.

The week before


If you’re wearing gowns & suits, get your final fitting done. Remember to also consolidate all your accessories such as jewelry, veil, heels or shoes, tie or bowtie, pocket square, etc. In case you miss out something, there’s still time to get them.

A sparkly set

Send your engagement or wedding rings for a polish and clean if you’re planning on wearing them. Check for lead time before collection to ensure you can get them back on time!

Where and what time ah?

Confirm with your photographer the location(s) and time. Some locations such as the National Gallery or the National Museum require a permit to shoot so those have to be applied for at least a week before.

National Gallery Prewedding Bittersweet Photography

Ever notice how the sunlight hits your home at different times of the day?

Similarly, when you are planning an outdoor photoshoot, take into consideration the sunrise & sunset to get better light for your photos!

Pro-Tip! If you’re planning a full outdoor photoshoot, the best times are usually in the early morning, 7am to 10am, or evening, 4.30pm to sunset. The sun is usually lower in the horizon so you don’t get the shadows under your eyes and the light is typically softer!

Lastly, confirm with your makeup artist based on the start time of your shoot. For example, your morning shoot starts at 7.30am. Ideally, you would need to leave home by 7am or earlier (cater for distance to location & traffic). Thus, you would need to be fully ready (dressed + hair & makeup done) by 6.45am. Ask your HMUA what is the ideal start time for them to finish the look on time!

The day before


Mani/Pedi for the bride to showcase your rings! The groom may also opt to do it, but we think a nicely groomed eyebrow is a better option for the groom if you only have time for one service!

Collect your items!

  1. Outfits: Check for final fit and iron any shirts or pants if you need.

  2. Bouquet & Boutonniere: Remember to place them in a cool environment (air-con room is ok) once you’ve received them!

  3. Accessories: Your jewelry and any hair or outfit accessories!

coney island prewedding bouquet bittersweetphotography

Bring all your things!

Here’s a list of items to bring along with you so you can touch up or change as needed during the session. Sometimes, a small roller luggage works well to hold all your barang together and just carry the essentials in a small bag for on the go touch ups!


Wet wipes, tissue, small comb, hairspray, bobby pins, fashion tape, oil blotter, lipstick or lipgloss, water bottle

Outdoor shoots

Sunblock, insect repellent


Flats or slippers for the bride (heels usually put on during the shoot), lint roller,

spare undershirt for the groom (the uniqlo airism ones work well!), jar of water for your flowers, spare change of clothes & underwear if you’re returning the outfits after the shoot!

Pro-tip! If you’re changing into a casual outfit during the session, please remember to bring everything! From bra to socks and accessories, do remember it’s a whole outfit to coordinate.

The day of

Everything’s packed, the weather is great and you’re looking beautiful and dapper in your outfits!

Now to enjoy the session - make each other laugh and the photos will turn out amazing 😀

national gallery prewed bittersweetphotography

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