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Unveiling the World of Floral Arrangement: A Florist's Perspective

In this delightful partnership, we bring you an exclusive glimpse into the enchanting world of floral artistry. Our featured florist, Kelly from Bloomloft, has captivated hearts with her beautiful arrangements and creative designs.

We caught up with the talented florist to delve deeper into her world of blooming beauty. Join us as we learn about her inspiration and thought behind her designs.

bloomloft wedding table flowers

A Blossoming Passion

For this talented florist, the allure of floral arrangement began with the inherent joy that flowers bring. Driven by passion and interest, Kelly dedicated herself to cultivating her skills.

“I cultivate the skills purely through interest, and I try to design arrangements in a artful manner, taking my own inspirations through each brief.”

Each arrangement is meticulously crafted with an artistic touch, inspired by each brief and her own unique interpretations.

bloomloft wedding flowers bouquet

Unexpected Beauty

In the world of floral arrangement, delightful surprises often occur. Kelly fondly recalls a moment when what started as a creative block would become one of their most beloved and highly requested style for weddings. It was amazing how creativity can flourish even in unexpected moments!

“Our jar arrangements happened purely by accident when we were out of ideas one day. It turns out to be our most loved and most requested one for weddings!”

bloomloft wedding table flowers

Inspiration and Interpretation

When designing floral masterpieces, Kelly finds inspiration in the unique stories of her clients.

bloomloft wedding table flowers jar arrangement

Elements such as their personal narratives, dress codes, and wedding themes provide a wellspring of creativity. Above all, it is the client's personality that plays a pivotal role in shaping the final arrangement. Kelly strives to create pieces that not only capture the essence of her clients but also showcase her own interpretation of their individuality.

bloomloft wedding table flower installation

Flowers and Moments

Floral arrangements often grace significant life events, serving as a symbolic presence in unforgettable moments. Bloomloft primarily focuses on wedding flowers, an endeavour that holds deep significance.

“A heartwarming scene to us is a completely empty space at the end of the day - from the guest's pure love of our works, they've moved everything home!”

bloomloft wedding floral installation

The love and admiration expressed by guests who eagerly took her arrangements home serve as a testament to the magic she brings to these cherished occasions.

Favorite Blooms, Personal and Professional

While sunflowers hold a special place in her heart, Kelly refrains from incorporating them into her arrangements. She finds their vibrancy and attention-grabbing nature more suited to standing alone as captivating individual blooms. This decision showcases her thoughtful approach to composition, ensuring that each arrangement strikes a harmonious balance.

bloomloft wedding floral installation

Tips for Aspiring Floral Enthusiasts

The art of floral arrangement requires precision and skill. To aspiring enthusiasts who wish to try their hand at creating their own beautiful bouquets, Kelly offers a valuable piece of advice.

bloomloft wedding floral installation with roses

“We love colors. But if you're making it your own, pick easy color templates. The more colors, the more difficult it is going to be for the bouquet to look harmonious.”

bloomloft wedding floral installation

The more colors incorporated into a bouquet, the greater the challenge in achieving a harmonious composition. Additionally, DIY projects with an extensive range of flowers can prove costly, even more so than engaging a professional florist! Opting for 2-3 floral colors allows for more manageable and cost-effective creations.

The Rewarding Journey

Being a florist brings immeasurable joy to the Kelly’s life. The most rewarding aspect of her work lies in hearing the genuine appreciation from her clients. By approaching floral arrangements with an artistic lens, she sets her creations apart from generic designs.

bloomloft wedding floral installation

Although there is always a fear of being too bold, Bloomloft’s distinctive style has garnered immense love and admiration. Witnessing the happiness her arrangements bring to others reaffirms the fulfilment she finds in her chosen path.

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The world of floral arrangement is a captivating blend of artistry, inspiration, and joy. Through the eyes of this talented florist, we have explored the passion that initially drew her to this craft and how she continues to cultivate her skills.

bloomloft wedding floral installation

From unexpected moments to heartfelt stories, Kelly’s floral journey is filled with beauty and creativity. Book your first consultation with Bloomloft today - and find out how flowers can transform your wedding into something beautiful and stunning!

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