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4 ways to tell your wedding guests not to bring their kids

Just as how we sometimes hate screaming babies on a plane, having a baby yelling its head off in church while you are saying your vows is just as bad, or maybe worse. Here at Knotz, we totally understand if you want a M18 wedding celebration. So here are 4 super nice ways to tell your guests not to bring their kids.

Address specific people

This step simply requires you to indicate who you want at your party. If you don’t want any children, all you have to do is to address your invite to the adults. For example, “Mr and Mrs Tan”. Writing “Mr Tan and Family” basically means you’re inviting everyone, including the kids.

Indicate “adults only” in your invitation

If step 1 doesn’t work, then crafting your message in your invitation card more obviously might do the trick. Of course, there are nicer ways to craft that message without being offensive. For example:

“We adore your kids, but thought you could use the night off! Adults-only, please and thank you!”

“We have reserved 2 seats for you!”

“Let your hair down for a night of celebration…and free flow booze”

Be polite

Always be polite and respectful. Also, try and understand that not every family will be able to hire a maid or get someone to babysit the kid. Don’t kick up a fuss, and always remain calm and rational if the other party gets offended.

Call them

If you have an inkling feeling that someone you’ve invited would bring their children (there will always be someone like that), make sure you drop them a call early to ensure that expectations are set and that they will not bring the entire family over to your wedding. Again, be respectful and kind with your words.

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