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8 interesting things to do at your wedding in Singapore for 2023

Grocery Mart Wedding Favors

We’re so bored with the usual key chains, measuring spoons, and other useless things we don’t ever want to bring home. And we know how we Singaporeans love our food. So why not create a mini grocery mart for your guests with your favourite food, vegetables, fruits, snacks, chips, chocolate etc that they can take home, and also customise it with a little tag with your names and wedding date so that they can remember it.

Love Oh Luak (oyster omelette)? Get an oyster stand and set up a few racks of eggs for your guests with a few bags of tapioca flour.

Prettify it further by setting it up with crates, baskets and label them like how it is in a supermarket! Bonus: Customise your own paperbags so that your guests have something to store their shopping in.

1 song photo taking challenge

If you have been to (or was part of) a big wedding of more than 200 guests, you will know how difficult and time consuming it is to go table to table to take pictures. Especially when the uncles and aunties like to take their own sweet time to move around, position themselves and pose for a picture. You end up spending 5min at each table and by the time you hit table 20, more than an hour would have already been spent.

So challenge yourself, your guests, and your photographer by playing your favorite song (or 2 if you really have too many people) and race to every table to take the most fun and candid photos with everyone. I guarantee that there will be more natural smiles, laughter and chaos that you can look back and have a good laugh at at the end of the day.

“Candy Bowl” of Panadol and Makeup wipes

Weddings are always about booze and food. Booze more specifically. And with copious amounts of booze means getting home pissed drunk, tired, and a hangover the next day. So do the right thing and help your drunken friends by providing the ladies with make up wipes and everyone else a panadol to get rid of the hangover headache.

Hire a caricature artist

The idea of a photobooth is so passé. Let’s go back even further into the years and get your picture drawn by a real artist. Hiring a caricature artist can be so fun and entertaining for your guests and is also something they can take home as a wedding gift. Unlike a tiny wallet size photo of you donning a fake paper mustache, have the caricature artist draw you with incredible hilarious details that may or may not offend you.

Get an unconventional “guest book” that you can hang up or used as a table ornament

Raise of hand if you have ever seen a guest book filled to the last page. Not me in my last 4 years doing weddings. Wedding guest books are sometimes the saddest things on the reception table. People will just come over, drop the ang pao and ask for their table number, while completely ignoring the guest book that is sitting there wide open with a few sad scrawls.

So here’s a suggestion. Instead of using a conventional book, get something that you use very often or something that is meaningful to the both of you. If the both of you love cooking, get a beautiful wooden chopping board and customise it with your names and wedding date. If you love playing games, use jenga pieces and have guests write their well wishes on it. If you love music, buy a record disc with your favorite songs (with the cover of course), and have your guests sign on the cover. If you love cheese and wine, have your guests sign on the cheese board or a wine bottle. Bonus if you can get the wine bottle label customised.

Skip the cake cutting ceremony and cut your favorite food instead

I love cakes. Not gonna lie. But many times they are hella expensive and the price can go up to a few thousand dollars which is pretty insane. For a more affordable option, get something you actually like and want to share with all your guests. Like a giant plate of wanton mee or a giant burger or pizza, or even a whole suckling pig if you want! It’s unique, you will definitely eat it, and it makes for an interesting photo op too!

Personalised letter for each table

If your guests are grouped based on how you know them, for example primary school friends, poly friends, uni friends, colleagues etc, write a personalised letter addressed to the entire table (it can also double up as a table number standee). This way you can thank everyone in a more personable manner and don’t have to be on stage for 20min thanking everyone one by one.

Take a shot and find your seat

Finding your table though a sign board is so last season. Time to amp it up by getting your guests to loosen up before they find their seat! Create mini shots of your choice and print tiny labels with the guest name and table number so that they know where they are seating. Bo Da Bo Lam Pah!

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