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Why are there so many bad reviews of bridal studios?

If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, you’ll know that there’s no such thing as a 100% satisfaction record. Some people are just impossible to please, or there are certain days where Murphy’s Law kicks in and bad things just keep happening one after another.

The same applies to bridal studios. Sure, there are some bad apples who use unethical sales tactics, or put ridiculous price tags on gowns that were produced at a cheap factory in China. However, many of them are trying to make an honest living – and yet, many bridal studios have a fairly negative public perception.

Do they really deserve that bad rap?

Let’s take a closer look, because there are always two sides to every story. Customers sometimes have unrealistic expectations which can rub bridal studios the wrong way.

At the end of the day, bridal studios also have business considerations to take care of. Here are some of the common complaints, and we’ll also attempt to shed some light on the business’s viewpoint.

I felt pressured to sign a package

The bridal industry has become increasingly competitive, especially with the trend of couples allocating more money for their home renovation/honeymoon and less on the wedding day.

However, there are plenty of great studios who are focused on delivering great customer service and making sure you have a pleasant experience.

What you can do

You can be assured that all vendors on the Knotz platform have agreed to our policy of price transparency and no hard selling.

However, sometimes people have different definitions of hard selling, or misunderstandings may occur.

If you are having issues with one of our vendors, do email us with more information for our team to investigate.

I was only given a short time for my appointment

Since most couples can only look into wedding-related stuff after office hours, everyone ends up fighting for the same time slots at night or on weekends.

Most studios have limited manpower, and need to follow strict timings to ensure they give fair and equal treatment to all customers.

What you can do

Aside from being punctual when you go for your appointment, it also helps to come prepared.

Pro-tip! book several appointments on a day that you can take leave.

I was not allowed to try on more than 3 gowns/staff did not let me take photos of the gowns

Some studios design their own gowns, or are the exclusive local distributors for certain designers. Many of them are also wary of insincere customers who never had any intention of giving them business, but only want a photo of the gown to send to a manufacturer in China for duplication.

What you can do

Do be respectful of the bridal studio’s policies and ask for permission before taking photos. Courtesy works both ways, and you may find that if you treat people and property with respect, some studios might be willing to bend the rules for you.

The dress I want is not available for my dates

If you’re renting a ready-made gown, chances are that studio only has one of that particular design.

So it’s a first come first served basis, and some brides-to-be may even book their package and gown up to one year (or more) in advance.

What you can do

Plan as early as possible!

Pro-tip! Start thinking about gown rental immediately after you’ve picked your venue.

The studio missed out my request/mixed up certain details

You’re likely to have many discussions with the bridal studio from the time you engage them until the big day itself. That means lots of changes and lots of little details they need to keep track of (and they do this for many other customers too!).

It’s also easy for mix-ups or miscommunications to happen if you spoke to different staff along the way, or perhaps you notified them about certain changes over the phone/via Whatsapp.

What you can do

Get everything is in black and white! If your consultant has a file with your details, make sure these records are updated with all of your latest requirements.

I was recommended gowns that were not my style

This isn’t a problem limited to bridal studios; we’ve all had experiences while shopping where the salesperson made suggestions that just did not work.

This isn’t such a big problem if the studio has a wide selection of different gown styles, but if you’re looking for something more bohemian or unconventional, for example, then you’d need to do your homework to find the right studio.

What you can do

Knotz makes it so easy for you to browse to your heart’s content! Unlike Pinterest, you can be sure that all the gowns you see on our platform are actually available from studios in Singapore, so you can definitely find something that’s right for you.

Pro-tip! do keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try on something that you might not have previously considered. Some of our studio partners are industry veterans who have a good eye for what works and what doesn’t. It’s very possible to end up loving a gown after trying it on, even if you didn’t like it on the rack or in photos.

I was turned away for bringing too many people

We know, you’re really excited about getting married. But if you have too many people coming along for your studio appointment, you’ll end up with too many different opinions. After all, you’re the one getting married, not your friend/auntie/cousin/grandmother’s domestic helper.

What you can do

Limit your entourage to 1-2 people whose opinions really matter to you. The more people there are, the more you might get confused. Worse still, you may end up being convinced to pick something that the rest of the group likes, instead of the one that you really want.

I ended up paying a lot more than the initial price of my package

Ah yes, the dreaded hidden costs. Bridal studios have been known to charge extra for ‘premium gowns’, additional photos from your shoot, etc.

Sometimes, it could also be a case of customers being in a rush to secure packages at an attractive price (especially at bridal fairs), and not realising that certain items were excluded.

What you can do

Arm yourself with knowledge! Our mission at Knotz is to make it easier for you to plan your perfect wedding, and this blog is a big part of that.

Do take some time to read our other articles and you’ll be able to avoid many of the pitfalls in wedding planning.

Pro-tip! Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what is included in your package before signing on that dotted line.

Picking the right bridal studio doesn’t have to be stressful if you follow the tips that we’ve given you. It also helps when you know that you know that all the studios on Knotz provide great products and great service.

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